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The Trust has initially chosen to focus on two areas; Innovation in Learning and Thinking Differently.

Innovation in Learning has led to the establishment of the eTime Learning Centre, and the support of innovated learning opportunities that help kids say no to Bullying and Drugs.

Our focus on dyslexia has seen a $200,000 scholarship programme (now discontinued), the creation of the Dyslexia Discovery Exhibit, the formation of the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand and the launch of the 4D | For Dyslexia initiative that encourages NZ schools and educators to help those students that learn differently. In 2010 we sponsored the Autism New Zealand Annual Appeal.

The Trust is committed to supporting programmes of innovation in education that result in students being able to recognise and explore their own unique capabilities.

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Our inspiration comes from our children and their enthusiasm for life, learning and exploring; from their natural sense of discovery and wonder.

The Cookie Time Charitable Trust is passionate about children and young people being involved in unique learning experiences that encourage them to explore their potential.

Through learning of this kind, children can feel good about themselves as they enjoy new and exciting challenges that allow their creativity and abilities to flourish.

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