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Background & History

The Cookie Time Charitable Trust was established in 2003 with the purpose of improving the educational opportunities available to children and young people throughout New Zealand. It is entrepreneurial in nature reflecting its principal sponsor, Cookie Time Limited.

First it established eTime which is focused on innovation in learning. Next, led by the personal journey of one of the Trustees, it turned its attention to dyslexia.

The Government's refusal to acknowledge dyslexia was determined to be the greatest barrier to helping and supporting dyslexic children and their families and so the Trust backed the formation of the Dyslexia Foundation of New Zealand (DFNZ) in November of 2006.

Five months later, on 19 April 2007, the DFNZ was successful in having dyslexia officially recognised by the Minister of Education. Ongoing support for the Dyslexia Foundation has allowed it to develop understanding and take action through its 4D initiative.

In 2010, the Trust's entrepreneurial spirit saw it become Autism New Zealand's national appeal sponsor.

The Trust respects those that think differently and sees this as a gift. With progress made for dyslexic thinkers the Trust is now looking at how its entrepreneurial spirit can help others.


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