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The Cookie Time Charitable Trust is proud to support Billy Graham and his Naenae Boxing Academy in Wellington. The academy aims to turn young boys into young men through working on their attitude, motivation, respect, fitness and boxing skills.

Billy, a dyslexic who left school at 14, started boxing in Naenae when he was eight years old. He went on to become a New Zealand and Australasian light welterweight champion. A busy man, Billy has also manufactured fitness equipment, taught in schools and has written a best selling book! He is now in demand internationally as a motivational speaker.

The Trust supports Billy in helping kids discover their gifts and keep their lives on track. This support also includes enabling Billy to provide a One Square Meal to his boys when they finish training - in many cases the bars are the only truly nutritional thing his academy boys eat in a whole week. The One Square Meal's have become one of the highlights of their training week!

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The Trust provides similar support to the Turn Your Life Around (TYLA) Trust. For information on the TYLA Trust, please click here.



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