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DocumentACLFunctions.inc 4KSupport functions for permissions  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentBitMath.inc 2KRe-implemented bitwise math to bypass Mac  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentColour Fields 9.2KSupport code for using colour fields  Reference 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentColourFunctions.inc 3KSupport Functions for Colour Pickers  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentComboFunctions.inc 2KSupport Functions for Combo Boxes  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentDate Fields 21KSupport code for using date fields  Reference 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentDateFunctions.inc 3KSupport Functions for Date Pickers  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentListSelection.sjs 4KSelection function for list views  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentMultiFile.sjs 9.2KJS library for file ops  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentNumber Fields 10KSupport code for using number fields (use  Reference 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentNumberFunctions.inc 7.1KFunctions for number controls  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentRuleFunctions.inc 4KSupport functions for mail rules  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentSendFunctions.inc 4KNameVal and Attachment setup  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
Documentsprintf.sjs 6.1KJS Sprintf implementation  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentTabFunctions.inc 2KSupport Functions for Tabbed Dialogs  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentTBRollOver.js 2KRollover code for textual toolbars  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM
DocumentTriStateCheckbox.inc 2KSupport function for tri-state checkboxes  Support File 2003/7/6 1:24 PM