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ACLFunctions.inc  Support File Support functions for permissions 4K2007/12/15 11:18 PM
AsyncFunctions.pjs  Support File Support functions for asynchronous operations (AJAX) 8.1K2009/5/4 9:37 AM
AttachFunctions.inc  Support File Support Functions for Attachment Pickers 7.1K2010/2/22 10:06 AM
BitMath.inc  Support File Bitwise math implementation 3K2008/1/11 6:48 AM
ColourFunctions.inc  Support File Support Functions for Colour Pickers 8.1K2008/1/11 6:54 AM
CommandHandler.pjs  Support File JavaScript library for handling FC commands 44K2010/2/17 10:57 AM
ContainerCommon.pjs  Support File JavaScript library for functions common to all container views 36K2010/2/22 9:50 AM
ContextMenu.pjs  Support File Support functions for context menus 12K2010/2/17 7:38 AM
DateFunctions.inc  Support File Support Functions for Date Pickers 9.2K2009/8/7 1:18 PM
FormEditFunctions.inc  Support File Support Functions for Editable Forms 20K2010/2/22 10:11 AM
FormReadFunctions.inc  Support File Support Functions for Read-Only Forms 64K2010/2/22 10:11 AM
IconView.pjs  Support File JavaScript library for icon views 10K2009/4/30 9:41 AM
IndexCardView.pjs  Support File JavaScript library for index card view 11K2008/11/20 8:58 AM
ListManagerCommon.inc  Support File Render time support functions for lists 3K2008/2/9 10:49 PM
ListSelection.pjs  Support File Selection function for list views 7.1K2010/2/17 7:39 AM
ListView.pjs  Support File JavaScript library for list views 28K2010/2/25 8:18 AM
MultiFile.inc  Support File JS library for file ops 20K2010/2/22 12:35 PM
MultiPaneViewManager.pjs  Support File JavaScript library for multipane view support 5.1K2008/2/6 11:13 AM
NumberFunctions.inc  Support File Functions for number controls 13K2008/1/17 8:39 AM
PopupFunctions.inc  Support File Support functions for pop-up dialogs 5.1K2009/6/17 10:10 AM